Class Room Solution


Faronics Insight puts teachers back in control of the classroom. Using the simple Teacher Console, you can eliminate distractions from surfing the web to online gaming. Sometimes it's difficult to know that students are actually working on the lesson. Now you can be confident students are on-task thanks to handy monitoring features like the ability to randomly rotate through student screens and project them to the front of the class.
Engaging students has never been easier. Insight promotes interactive learning with broadcasting and sharing features. The built-in chat allows teachers and students to have one-on-one conversations without disrupting the rest of the class. Getting lost students back on track is quick with the remote control features. Planning the perfect learning pace is possible with the testing and voting features that help you gauge student understanding.
Managing a network of labs with so many computers can sometimes be overwhelming. Thanks to the handy Tech Console, IT professionals can provide remote support to teachers and students alike. Loaded with basic desktop management features, it helps IT to schedule tasks remotely that used to be performed on-site. It also helps IT to monitor security risks, keep machines up-to date, report on technology usage, and even control Faronics Deep Freeze.